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Laura's a new character for me, so let me know how I'm doing!
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Due to Laura's backstory as well as the fact she's 11 years old, drop a comment here if you'd rather avoid interacting with her!

IC Permissions:
Physical Contact - at your own risk
Fighting - definitely at your own risk
Death - she can't really get much more dead than she already is in game
Manipulation - this is fine with discussion beforehand but a character will need to be very good at manipulating to manage it with her

OOC Permissions:
Backtagging - I try to wrap things up within a month's time so it can be used for AC and neither of us lose interest in the thread.
Handwaving - I prefer not to handwave all interaction but understand that it needs to be done to keep things moving.
Threadhopping - I don't mind!
Fourth Wall - With X-Men comics being a thing in canon, I'm okay with some fourth wall breaking.
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[Good luck knowing whether or not you're actually contacting her, because there's just silence on her end of things. She's able to receive voice, video, and text messages; but she may or may not respond.]
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[She lets the others go ahead of her. The window to get to safety is so small, but she's not ready to leave yet. Promising Delilah that she'll show up eventually, Laura watches her friends leave. Rictor guides the group quickly, and Laura watches them until she can't see Bobby with his Wolverine doll any longer. When she's truly alone she turns to stare at the grave she's watching over. Day turns to dusk, then quickly to night.

She's standing guard over the man who made her promise to move on and not be what she was created to be.

It's after midnight when she finally sits, resting against her backpack.

She dozes off once or twice, but never actually sleeps. She watches the sunrise over the lake, then sets to putting wildflowers on the freshly piled dirt. Knowing that she needs to try and find her friends, she starts to get up to leave.

The sound of something beneath the dirt catches her ear. She thinks it sounds like a muffled scream. When the dirt starts to rustle, she realizes what's going on. Her heart catches in her throat and she makes a muted scream of terror as she hurries to start digging. She moves in a frenzy, scooping and digging with her hands. She ends up with bloodied fingers and knuckles that heal right away, but the end result is her staring across at a very alive Wolverine.


Her father.

She stares with wide eyes, and reaches up to touch at his face. Lips trembling, she tries to wipe away some of the dirt and mud. There's so much of it, along with the blood.


[It doesn't feel strange to call him that. Not after saying it already. There's not a ton of distance between them, but she launches herself at him anyway, arms wrapping around him in a crushing hug.]


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